Order a new bespoke WordPress marketing website today

Near pixel-perfect design implementation without the use of page builders, premium themes and a limited dependency on plugins.

The goal of a bespoke design is to create a look and feel that is consistent with your client’s brand. As a designer or marketer, you understand that very well…. and so does Eri.

Utilising his marketing and design experience, Eri can develop your client’s WordPress website to load quickly, be responsive to most devices and loved by both search engines and people.

You can read below about the specific services. If you need something that is not on the list, please feel free to email Eri.

WordPress Website

This service includes:

  • Consultation
  • Handcrafted development of the website based on the user interface design provided by you
  • Google Analytics & Google Search Console Integration
  • Up to one form connect to your CRM/ESP of choice
  • Social media Open Graph API for better success of your social media strategy
  • Pre-launch video tutorial
  • Installation on your server of choice (I can help if you don’t have one)

If you have a designer, you can choose to engage me before the design process has started. I can help with the strategy. If you don’t have a designer, I have partners that specialise in user interface design.

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WordPress Migration

This service helps businesses needing to migrate from a different platform to WordPress. If you like your website design and structure but you hate your CMS or your website does not have a CMS, then this service is for you.

This service includes:

  • Assessment of your current website design and content
  • Cost analysis
  • Search engine value and URL structure
  • If your front end code is good, the conversion to WordPress happens based on that codebase and the cost is lower
  • If your front end code is not good, I re-write the front end based on the existing design
  • If the website is highly ranked on Google, the sitemap structure and markup is maintained as the previews site for maximum compatibility
  • Pre-launch video tutorial
  • Installation on your server of choice (I can help if you don’t have one)
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