Why do WordPress developers hate page builders

Page-builders introduce a complex problem for many WordPress developers. It is a bit hard to explain because there are so many conflicting opinions out there. In most cases WordPress developers would say that the below reasons summarise their hate about WordPress page-builders:

  • Page-builders introduce bloat to the code
  • Page-builders make the backend messy, too many menu items, new interfaces, etc
  • Changes the way WordPress developers that code do things
  • It introduces feature limitations
  • Code conflicts with other plugins and themes

Some page-builders are better than others. Some even are designed with the developer in mind.

It is easy to understand why page-builders are popular for non-developers. You can get a basic website up and running very fast and without the need to code anything. The question is, how good is that website?

I don’t know if you have heard the term “launch pad website”. A launch pad website is a temporary website that is used often by marketers to test a product or service in the marketplace. These websites just need to be functional enough to collect data in terms of how a user would react to a certain copy, brand image, or offer. ¬†Once the data is collected, then the marketer works on the actual website.

Page-builders are great for launch pad websites but terrible for long term main brand websites.

You will never see a main brand that spends a lot of time or money on online marketing use a page-builder website. Once you start working on search engine optimisation, add extra authors, add a couple of features the page-builder has reached it’s limit.

Page-builders have been around for at least 10 years. They will get better in the future.

WordPress developers or web developers in general are still going to hate them. You know why?

Because just because you have Photoshop does not mean that you are a graphic designer. There is a craft that comes with learning web design. Things like user flows, information architecture, asset management, etc.

I hope you understand the reasoning behind why WordPress developers hate page-builders after reading this article.